​​​​​​Nags Head, North Carolina


The cottages are located on SOUTH Virginia Dare Trail, in Nags Head.  That street is commonly referred to as the "Beach Road."  The cottages are situated on the west side of the street facing east (towards the ocean).  Cottages #1 - #4 are specifically located at 3518 and 3520 (a double lot) and Cottage #5 is located at 3522 (the lot immediately south).

The cottages are between 2 beach access, each about a 3-5 minute walk away to the north (at Curlew Street) or south (at Hollowell Street).  Both also have parking available.  Curlew, to the north, is more accessible for those with physical challenges.


Each cottage is stand-alone (none are attached).  Cottages #1 - #4 are close to the ground, so there are no ocean views.  Cottage #5 is up on pilings, so you may get glimpses of the ocean between the houses across the street, depending on the dune hight. The ground floor of Cottage #5 is for storage, it is not habitable.

Each cottage has a fenced in backyard to keep the pups in and for easy potty use.  Please note that the space between each fence slats is about 4 inches, so if your pup is tiny, he or she may squeeze through. ALSO, please pick up after your pup right away.  The yards are close to each other and you do not want to gross out your neighbors with stinking poop. Cooperation on this issue is essential to the continuation of our pet-friendly policy.


Bring your own sheets and towels or rent them.  We only provide pillows, mattress pads, and quilts.

We try to start your stay off with a roll of TP and paper towels.  Please BRING or BUY more if your stay will require it.  Please don't use paper towels to wipe after toilet use; it would be a disaster.

Each cottage has an outdoor shower with hot and cold water.  They generally are operational mid-March to early November when the possibility of freezing temperatures is low. For those wondering, yes they all have an indoor shower/tub combination too.

Each cottage is equipped with basic kitchen essentials (pots, pans, plates, glasses, flatware, drip coffee pot (usually filters too), etc.)  If you have a specialty kitchen item you are fond of, bring it.

Cottages #1 - #4 share a gas grill(s).  There also is usually a small weber-type grill available to share. Cottage #5 has its own grills (gas and coal).

Cottages #1 - #4 share a washer and dryer.  They are located in the barn.  Cottage #5 has its own set located on the ground floor of that cottage.

Each cottage has one TV in the living room and internet.  The wifi code is posted on the fridge.  Please note that you are at the beach, the technology that supplies us is not the greatest (yet, if ever).  Both the internet and cable TV goes down from time to time.


Check-in is any time after4 pmon the date your rental starts.

Check-out is at 10 am on the date your rental ends.


Please, please, please only water, human waste and toilet tissue down the drains.  The cottages are on septic, so their existence is some-what fragile.  NO PAPER TOWELS to wipe.  If you run out of toilet paper PLEASE buy more.